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Our Mill

De Leo and Epengle, long time colleagues, combine forces again to bring unique and specialized fabrics to the North American transportation industry. De Leo Transportation Fabrics is the exclusive distributor for Epengle in North America.
Epengle, a leading producer of velvets to the transportation industry in Europe, Middle East and the Pacific Rim, is known around the world for their innovative and durable fabrics. With the help of De Leo, the companies have been able to combine European high quality designs with coloration that appeals to American tastes; the end result is an industry that has the best of both worlds.
Since 1961, Epengle has provided moquette and velvet fabrics for companies such as Mercedes Benz, Evobus, Temsa, Otokar, and BMC. They produce several pile compositions including 85/15, 30/70 wool blend, 100% Polyester and 100% Acrylic to meet the highest standards of the transportation industry. All qualities meet the International FR requirements. Specialty and custom design work can be accommodated, and treatment to meet specific test requirements is available.
De Leo Transportation Fabrics, a division of the Edward B. De Leo Company, Inc., is a company with proven expertise in providing textiles to the automotive, transportation and upholstered furniture manufacturing industries. De Leo’s excellent New Jersey-based customer service is ready to respond to US manufacturers’ needs. Warehousing in South Carolina offers quick shipping and easy logistics.
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